Cool Pods

Cool Pods are Juul compatible but provide a unique spin on flavors. Cool pods fit right into any Juul device or Juul compatible device.

Cool Pods are have .8ml of liquid per pod. The nicotine level is 5.5%.

Check out all the Cool Pod flavors

  • Cool Pods Mango
  • Cool Pods Blueberry
  • Cool Pods Coconut Milk
  • Cool Pods Fresh Mint
  • Cool Pods Grape Ice
  • Cool Pods Lemon Ice
  • Cool Pods Lychee
  • Cool Pods Strawberry
  • Cool Pods Tropical Ice
  • Cool Pods Watermelon

Reasons To Love Cool Pods

Cool Pods uses USA made E-liquids and USA sourced salt nicotine for all of there Cool Pod flavors. This really gives Cool Pods an advantage over other compatible pod brands.

We personally love Cool Pods because of the amazing flavor and throat hit. Cool Pods come in 5.5% salt nicotine which is more than enough to satisfy any compatible pod user.

Cool Pods are designed to fit in and compatible pod device as well as the Juul device. We are proud to bring Cool Pods to our customers. Open up your flavor pallet and explore Cool Pods!

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