Just Berries Strawberry Kiwi Lychee

Just Berries


“Strawberry Kiwi Lychee” “Blueberry Pomegranate Acai” “Cranberry Red Apple” “Raspberry Passion Fruit Guava”





Earn up to 110 Points.

Just Berries Pods
Just Berries Pods were developed with the Berries lover in mind.
Compatible With: JUUL
Pack Size: 4 Pods
Nic Level: 5 MG
Blueberry Pomegranate Acai: Blueberry with a Pomegranate Acai Twist
Cranberry Red Apple: Cranberry with Red Apple
Raspberry Passion Fruit Guava: Raspberry with Tropical Fruits. This flavor will leave you wanting more everytime. Perfect flavor to vape all day every day!
Strawberry Kiwi Lychee: A perfect blend of 3 fruits


Strawberry Kiwi Lychee, Bluberry Pomegranate Acai, Cranberry Red Apple, Raspberry Passion Fruit Guava

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