Just Mango


Just Mango

$12.99 $10.99

-4 pods per pack

-5% Salt Nicotine per pod

-1.0ml liquid pods

-Delicious Mango Pods


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Just Mango Pods

Just Mango Pods were developed with the Mango lover in mind.
Compatible With: JUUL
Pack Size: 4 Pods
Nic Level: 5 MG

Orange Kiwi:Toucan Sam would approve of this one. We asked some 4 legged friends to pick out there favorite fruits. The results were Kiwi and Orange. They picked a winner here!
Pineapple Guava:Tropical paradise!!! This flavor is a citrus lovers dream.
Strawberry Coconut:Can you imagine how delicious this blend is? Take some sweet strawberries and mix it up with some tropical coconut. This flavor will leave you wanting more everytime. Perfect flavor to vape all day every day!
Sweet Mango:The Only Mango you should ever vape. This will replace Juul Mango forever!!!


Sweet Mango, Orange Kiwi, Pineapple Guava, Strawberry Coconut

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As a company of all ex-smokers, we firmly believe that pod system devices are the best way to bury the tobacco giants once and for all.

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