Novelty Skins


“Juul Novelty Skins”
Budlight | Bottlecaps | Beer Bubbles | Hamsa | Avocados | Hellokitty | Flames | Logo | Cat Eye | McLaren | US Army | Marvalstar | HotDog | Gaming Keys | Gamer | Fort Nite character black | Fort Nite Character Red | Battle Royal | Coffee | Novelty | Silicone Black

Earn up to 65 Points.

Stand out from everyone else with our Pod System unique Wraps! You are not ordinary and neither is your device. Get creative and wrap your device in one of our many Skins! We have a Skin style for everyone!
100% Vinyl Material
Easy Peel and Stick on to have your device redesigned to your personality!
Whats Included:
1x Skin Wrap of your selection

Weight 1 oz

Budlight, Bottlecaps, Beer Bubbles, Hamsa, Avocados, Hellokitty, Flames, Logo, Cat Eye, McLaren, US Army, Marvalstar, HotDog, Gaming Keys, Gamer, Fort nite character black, Fort Nite Character Red, battle royal, Coffee, Novelty, Silicone Black

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