Vozol | Vozal NKD 100 Salt

Vozol | Vozal NKD 100 Salt


-Amazing Flavor Disposable

-NKD100 salt X Vozol Collab

-1.3ml liquid per device

-300 Puffs per device


Earn up to 75 Points.

 VOZOL NKD 100 Salt Disposables

Get ready for a high-quality product that is an incredible mix of mouth-watering fruits embedded into Vozol Disposable e-Cigarette. The vape bliss that your body will sense after you hit the vapor will make your experience feel like heaven. This blend tastes nothing like the ones you have tried before; its mind-blowing nuances will shock your taste buds.


Vozol Lava Flow

Imagine the fulfillment slowly taking over your body, as you start feeling the relaxation that takes all of your worries away and brings you to this lava-like flow paradise. The satisfaction has never felt this real, especially with the help of delicious pineapples and ripe strawberries flavors. In addition to this savory bliss of tastes, juicy velvet coconut flavor arrives in, and you feel absolutely fantastic.


Vozol Brain Freeze

Combining hints of ripe kiwis, sun-kissed strawberries and ruby-red pomegranates with freezing menthol kicks, this draw-activated disposable e-Cig will deal with your cravings just in seconds. Each puff will wash your mouth in an intense manner, making sure you are getting what you are looking for.

Vozol Hawaiian Pog

As you hit the vapor, you start acquiring that sense of relaxation and refreshment that you were desperately in search of. All of your deepest cravings are satisfied with this goodness that feels like magic. The toothsome flavors of oranges bring you mouth-watering and joyous sensations. A sweet blend of passion fruit and delicious guava will leave you wanting more.

Vozol Very Cool

In only a couple of minutes, after you have had a couple of soft throat hits, your mood is completely uplifted due to exceptional sensations that take over your body. This toothsome blend will take all of your cravings away and make your sweet teeth clap and dance. The luscious flavors of orange mangoes, sweet strawberries, and refreshing menthol will fulfill all of your endless cravings.

Vozol American Tobacco

Its pre-filled option makes them more attractive for any kind of vapers. VOZOL offers American Tobacco infused newly designed and produced disposable e-cigarettes that are breathtaking. Enjoy your vape session at fullest with rich american tobacco nuances in salt based nicotine.

Relax and be in harmony with VOZOL Disposable e-Cig.

Vozol Green Apple

Some puffy clouds and solid throat hits by green apple juice patterns will double your delight as your thirst will gradually be quenched.

Vozol Iced Mango

Believe or not, you are going to be indulged into a magic mango world of tropics with cool breeze air in your lungs and breath. All your senses will be fully hypnotized by mango taste and aftertaste as you are inhaling and exhaling. Your body will tingle as the satisfactions arrives and your face will shine of happy feelings.

Vozol Refreshing Mint

If your throat is burning and head is out of control, just because of smoke-free life, then you are on the right spot to get the right solution to your condition. Sour juicy limes assembled with pure menthol touch are perfect formulation for your case.

This pre-absorbed disposable e-cigarette by VOZOL will give you all the answers to your cravings. You just keep patient, and draw e-Cigarette. Enjoy your vape session at fullest with doubled minty cooling hints in salt nicotine.

“Refreshment has never been so cool” -Your Thoughts after you hit your Vozol!


Type: Draw-Activated Disposable e-Cigarette

Nicotine Level50mg

Puff Count: up to 300 Puffs


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