WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
icy blast 0 nic
icy blast 0 nic
watermelon grape orange 0 nic
tropical gummi 0 nic
strawberry rolly 0 nic
raspberry dragon lemonade 0 nic
kiwi passionfruit guava icy blast
icy blast 0 nic
hawaiian tiki 0 nic
blueberry peach 0 nic

7 Daze Ohmlet Disposable 0% Nic | 7000 Puffs

From: $14.99

  • 15mL e-juice Capacity
  • 0% Nic
  • Rechargeable USB-C
  • 7000 Puffs Per Device

Earn up to  1,350  Points.




7 Daze Ohmlet Disposable 0% Nic | 7000 Puffs

Introducing the Vape 7 Daze Ohmlet Disposable – the ultimate vape experience designed with you in mind. If users who craves convenience, flavor, and style, this is your go-to vaping companion. Get ready for 7000 puffs of pure vaping bliss with 0% Nicotine. Let’s talk about what makes the Ohmlet Disposable stand out from the crowd. With a generous 15mL e-juice capacity, this device ensures you’ll enjoy uninterrupted vaping pleasure for longer. Plus, with 0mg Nicotine, it’s all about the pure flavor without the buzz.

But that’s not all; this disposable is designed for modern convenience. It features a rechargeable USB-C port, so you can power up quickly and get back to vaping in no time. No more hunting for batteries or dealing with disposable devices that end up in the trash after a single use. But it’s not just about the flavors; it’s about the experience.

The Vape 7 Daze Ohmlet Disposable is designed for those who demand quality, convenience, and style. It’s for users who wants to enjoy vaping without the fuss of refills, coils, or complicated settings. Just puff and enjoy.

Whether you’re on a road trip, out with friends, or simply unwinding at home, this disposable device is your ideal companion. It’s compact, easy to use, and delivers a consistent vaping experience every time. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional vaping setups and say hello to the simplicity of the Ohmlet Disposable.

7 Daze Ohmlet Disposable 0% Nic Flavors

Now, let’s dive into the flavor experience because that’s where the real magic happens. The Ohmlet offers a mouthwatering selection of flavors that cater to your every mood. Craving a fruity fusion? Blueberry Peach, Hawaiian Tiki, Kiwi Passionfruit Guava, Raspberry Dragon Lemonade, and Watermelon Grape Orange have got you covered. Need an icy blast to refresh your senses? Icy Blast is here to deliver that cool kick. Looking for a sweet treat? Strawberry Rolly and Tropical Gummi will satisfy your cravings.

  • Blueberry Peach
  • Hawaiian Tiki
  • Icy Blast
  • Kiwi Passionfruit Guava
  • Raspberry Dragon Lemonade
  • Strawberry Rolly
  • Tropical Gummi
  • Watermelon Grape Orange

Additional Product Information

  • Redefine your vaping experience.
  • Experience 7000 puffs of flavor-packed delight, rechargeability, and zero nicotine buzz
  • Don’t settle for ordinary when you can elevate your vaping game with the Vape 7 Daze Ohmlet Disposable
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