WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Closed Pod System

Enjoy all your favorite flavors from some of the top vape brands in the world with replaceable, pre-filled pods.

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  • Sale! juno pods 4 pack

    Juno Pods | 4 Pack

    $13.99 Select options
  • juno blue device

    Juno Device

    $12.99 Select options
  • yme power starter kit 2000 puffs

    YME Power Pod System Starter Kit

    $17.99 Add to cart
  • yme pods group shot

    YME QB Pods (3 Pods Per Pack)

    $14.99 Select options
  • flair usb charger

    Flair Infinity USB Charger

    $6.50 Add to cart
  • flair infinity basic kit gunmetal

    Flair Infinity Basic Kit

    $9.80 Select options
  • Lava 2 Rainbow

    Lava 2 Device

    $15.99 Select options
  • lava 2 pods 4 pack

    Lava 2 Pods | 4 Pack

    From: $13.99 Select options
  • Lava 2 Empty Pods

    Lava 2 Empty Pods | 4 Pack

    $14.99 Add to cart
  • Logic Pro Kit

    Logic Pro Kit

    $23.99 Add to cart
  • Logic Tobacco Cartridges

    Logic Power Tobacco Cartridges

    $9.50 Add to cart
  • Logic Pro Capsules Tobacco

    Logic Pro Capsules Tobacco

    $10.09 Add to cart
  • Power Rechargeable Kit

    Logic Power Tobacco Starter Kit

    $13.99 Add to cart
  • Leap Vapor Device Kit

    Leap Vapor Device Kit

    $8.99 Add to cart
  • Leap Vapor Kentucky Tobacco Pods

    Leap Vapor Pods

    $7.38 Select options
  • Blu Plus+ Tanks Magnificent Menthol

    BLU PLUS+ Tanks

    $14.12 Select options
  • myblu plus xpress kit

    BLU PLUS+ Xpress Kit

    $12.12 Add to cart
  • Myblu Device Kit

    BLU Device Kit

    $14.12 Select options
  • Myblu Gold Leaf Tobacco Liquid Pods

    BLU Liquid Pods

    $9.72 Select options
  • Sale! vuse alto golden tobacco 5 2 pack

    Vuse Alto Pods

    From: $14.99 Select options
  • Vuse Solo Power Unit

    Vuse Solo Power Unit

    $15.12 Add to cart
  • Sale! Vuse Solo Cartridges Original Tobacco

    Vuse Solo Cartridges

    $14.45 Select options
  • Vuse Vibe Power Unit

    Vuse VIBE Power Unit

    $15.12 Add to cart
  • Sale! Vuse Vibe Tanks Menthol

    Vuse VIBE Tanks

    $15.25 Select options
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