WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Beard Salts Collage
Beard Salts Collage
Beard Salt No 71
Beard Salt No 05
Beard Salt No 42
Beard Salt No 00

Beard Salts


The Beard Salts continue to use the highest quality ingredients.

The Beard Salts:
  • Great for Filling Pods
  • Nic Strength: 30 & 50 mg Salt Nic
  • 30ml Bottle size

Earn up to  145  Points.

The Beard Salts uses the highest quality ingredients to create a truly unique flavor lineup that is sure to become your new favorite.  Beard Salts continues to use the highest quality ingredients and come in a 30ml bottle with a choice of 30mg or 50mg Salt Nicotine.

Avalable Flavors of The Beard Salts:
  • No 05 – Slice of cheesecake and strawberries
  • No 32- Cinnamon Funnel Cake
  • No 42 – Fruit Cup Menthol
  • No 71 – Sweet and sour sugar peach
  • No 00 – Sweet Tobacco


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