Cartisan Black Box


  • The King of 510 thread battery’s
  • Revolutionary – it works with all 510 cartridges -Incredible
  • 11.5 mm opening to fit all cartridges
  • 900 mAh battery (Battery life that lasts days)
  • 3.4, 3.7, 4.0 Variable Voltage Settings
  • Easy charge with micro USB cable
  • Liquid level inspection window
  • Awesome smooth rubber finish

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Cartisan Black Box – The Best Cartridge Battery To Over Take Them All

Do you want a 510 battery that works with all the 510 cartridges and tanks out there?

The Cartisan black box was designed to be THE BEST of all the 510 batteries in the market place, and it has succeeded!

The Cartisan black box comes with two magnetic adapters, and two silicone rings that allow you to fit any cartridge nicely with the device… This is Amazing!

You will love the design, the team at Cartisan have finished the black box off with a nice smooth rubber finish so it is not only going to make your peers envious with its slick look, but it’s nice to hold as well.

What Is In This Cartisan Black Box Pack?

cartisan black box info

The package comes with everything you need to get started.

  • Cartisan Black Box Device
  • Cartisan Black Box Short Magnetic Adapter
  • Cartisan Black Box Tall Magnetic Adapter
  • Cartisan Black Box Silicon Spacer (2)
  • Cartisan Black Box Micro USB Charging Cable


Black Box Specs

  • 900 mAh rechargeable lithium ion Battery
  • 37mm(L) X 14.6mm(W) X 69mm(H)
  • Soft Touch Rubberized finish
  • 11.5 mm opening for cartridges

See how the Cartisan Black Box compares to other 510 Batteries! WOW…

cartisan black box specs table

cartisan black box features


Cartisan Black Box FAQ?

How do I turn the Cartisan Black Box on?

You need to click the button quickly 5 times to power it up.


How do I change the voltage of the Cartisan Black Box?

Click the button 3 times to cycle through the voltage modes. Here is a chart of the voltage settings…

cartisan black box voltage chart

How do I determine the remaining battery life in the Cartisan Black Box?

You will see the “battery life” LED when the Cartisan black box is turned on, or is plugged into the charging cable.


My Cartisan Black Box not charging, How do I fix that?

If the Cartisan black box is not charging, first try a different USB charging cable to rule out a faulty cable.

After eliminating the cable, contact our support for technical support.

Please note that if you are contacting us for a replacement device, the condition of your Black Box will be taken into consideration. Only Black Box’s with a manufacturer defect will be replaced.


Why does my Cartisan Black Box device blink with a white/rainbow color?

This is an “error” display, letting you know that your cartridge or tank is not making a proper connection to the Cartisan Black Box.

If this does not work with any 510 cartridge or tank, please contact us for more support.


What is the best 510 battery?

You can’t refuse the Cartisan black box as the best 510 battery in the market at the moment right now.

It is so popular right now because it has been designed to work with all 510 cartridges. Thats right, .5ml and 1ml Cartridges will fit!

This is the one battery that was designed to accomodate all the cartridges on the market! The Cartisan Black Box is KING!


Where to buy a cheap 510 Cartisan black box battery?

We only stock authentic batteries which are shipped to us directly from Cartisan. Our prices are very cheap for the authentic device.

Be careful of websites selling Cartisan black box batteries really really cheap, they are highly suspect to be very low quality Chinese counterfeit products.

If you want to be sure you’re getting the real thing, buy from Buy Pods Now!


Cartisan Black Box Near Me

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