Cookies V3 Rolling Tray 3.0 2

Cookies V3 Rolling Tray 3.0


Cookies V3 Rolling Tray Features:

  • Colors: Black, Blue, & Red
  • Lighter Holder
  • Joint Holder
  • Tray Cover
  • Detachable small side tray

Earn up to 290 Points.

The Cookies V3 Rolling Trays 3.0 are absolutely amazing! These trays will make your sessions stress free.  Cookies V3 Rolling Tray 3.0 are mostly Made in the USA. They trays offers a lighter holder, joint holder, detachable small side tray, & you also get a tray cover. The non-stick surface helps you use all of your material, and also the edges are curved preventing any spill.

Cookies V3 Rolling Tray 3.0 FAQ


Q. Cookies V3 Rolling Tray 3.0 near me

A. If you are looking for “Cookies V3 Rolling Tray 3.0″ near me”. Stop! You can buy “Cookies V3 Rolling Tray 3.0” from us here cheaper! We will get them out to you quickly with our fast and cheap shipping.

Q. Where can I Buy Cookies V3 Rolling Trays 3.0?

A. Right here at Buy Pods Now! We buy directly from the manufacturer so you know that you are getting 100% authentic Cookies V3 Rolling Tray 3.0 when you order from us…

Q. Where to Buy Cookies V3 Rolling Tray 3.0?

A. Cookies V3 Rolling Trays 3.0 are mostly distributed online. You might be able to find them in some retail stores, or from some other online stores – however beware! There is a problem with cheap Cookies V3 Rolling Trays 3.0 coming out of china. If you want to know you’re getting the real thing – order from us and we will get the flavors you want, cheap and fast – straight to your Mailbox!

Q. Cookies V3 Rolling Tray 3.0 Wholesale

A. We have build a special relationship with the manufacturer so we can get you the real Cookies V3 Rolling Trays 3.0 to you cheap. Send us an email and we would be happy to take care of your Cookies V3 Rolling Tray 3.0 Needs!

Weight N/A

Black, Blue, Red

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