Vibes Cones Box King Size


Vibes Cones Box King Size:

  • Size: King Size
  • 3 Cones Per Pack, totaling 90 cones in a box
  • Pre-rolled With NO BLEACH technology All-Natural Rolling Paper
  • Cultivated in France
  • Kitted in the Dominican Republic
  • The Vibes rolled Cone smoking paper comes with inserted filter and packing tool for convenience.

Earn up to 900 Points.

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The Vibes Cones Box King Size are Cultivate and Crafted in France. They have a great slow and even burning. 3 Vibes Cones Box King Size come in each pack totaling 90 cones in a box!!!

Vibes Cones Box King Size (Rice)The Vibes- Rolling Paper Pre Roll Rice Cones King Size are a must if you enjoy longer sessions. The rice papers burn slower than other papers.

Vibes Cones Box King Size (Ultra Thin): Your sessions not only will be full of flavor but you will have comprehensive session.

Vibes Cones Box King Size (Hemp): Hemp Cones King Size offer the wonderful classic experience. Natural hemp paper is thin enough that the materials flavor flourishes and will burn very slowly.


Vibes Cones Box King Size FAQ


Q.Vibes Cones Box King Size near me

A. If you are looking for “Vibes Cones Box King Size” near me”. Stop! You can buy “Vibes Cones Box King Size” from us here cheaper! We will get them out to you quickly with our fast and cheap shipping.

Q. Where can I Buy Vibes Cones Box King Size?

A. Right here at Buy Pods Now! We buy directly from the manufacturer so you know that you are getting 100% authentic Vibes Cones Box King Size when you order from us…

Q. Where to Buy Vibes Cones Box King Size?

A. Vibes Cones Box King Size are mostly distributed online.
You might be able to find them in some retail stores, or from some other online stores – however beware! There is a problem with cheap knock-off cones (hemp/rice/ultra thin) coming out of china. If you want to know you’re getting the real thing – order from us and we will get the flavors you want, cheap and fast – straight to your Mailbox!

Q. Vibes Cones Box King Size Wholesale

A. We have build a special relationship with the manufacturer so we can get you the real Vibes Cones Box King Size to you cheap.
Send us an email and we would be happy to take care of your Vibes Rolling Papers Needs!


Blue (Rice), Black (Ultra Thin), Red (Hemp)

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