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Top 5 Best Selling Vape Brands – January 2021

Top Vape Brands January 2021

What are the Top 5 Best Selling Vape Brands in January 2021?

We are only one week into 2021 and already going “here we go again!”  But, no matter what your political or social views are, a passion for vaping is one thing we can all agree on. After looking through this past weeks orders, the BPN (Buy Pods Now) team wanted to give you a little insight into what vapes are most popular right now!

Fresh Bar Disposable Device

#1 – Fresh Bar Disposables

Coming in at the top this week were the Fresh Bar Disposable Devices. Fresh bars are known for their clean flavor that stay true to their names (Grape actually takes like grape, not medicine!). Fresh Bar offers many different flavors including Grape, Lychee Ice, Mango, Pink Lemonade, Rebel, Banana Ice, Cubano Tobacco and Bold Tobacco. Coming in on top are the Grape and Lush Ice flavors. We have been told that the Fresh Bar doesn’t have the undertones of menthol that you’ll sometimes get with fruity disposables. Fresh Bar has approximately 300 puffs per device, 1.4ml of juice at 5% nicotine. The small discreet size makes Fresh Bar a very easy disposable to throw in your pocket and go.

Pop Mighty Mint

#2 – Pop Disposables – Mighty Mint

Pop Mighty Mint has been a long time customer favorite here at Buy Pods Now. Pop Mighty Mint is known for it’s refreshing minty flavor that is unmatched by any other vape brands. People who love mint in any other brand will love the mint that Pop has to offer. The regular Pop bars are the original disposables that made the POP Brand so famous. The original Pop devices offer around 400 puffs per device with 1.2ml of juice at 5% nicotine. Step on up to Pop Xtra to get all the flavor you love in 1000 puff device or the Pop Lite for a sleek device that offers 900 puffs.

Twice As Nice Disposables

#3 – Twice As Nice Disposable Devices (2 Flavors In One)

Twice as Nice is one of the newest lines of disposables that we have picked up at BPN. Twice as Nice allows the user to have two different flavors in one device. With simple flip of a switch, the user can decide between Strawberry Gummy or Blue Raspberry. As with all vape lovers, we like the ability to try different flavors and maybe don’t want to commit to one flavor for an entire disposable. Twice as Nice allows the users to have approximately 1500 puffs with 6ml of juice at 5% nicotine. The winner has been the Strawberry Gummy/Blue Raspberry but there are some interesting flavors that definitely should not be missed.

HYPPE Max Flow Disposable Devices

#4 – Hype Max Flow Disposable Devices

Hyppe Max Flow comes in at number four for this week and is one of the most popular devices we sell. The Hyppe Brand is a great alternative to Puff Bars that gained popularity in 2020. The Hyppe Max Flow is the largest disposable that we currently have at BPN. The leader for the Hyppe Max Flow is their Mighty Mint flavor. The Hyppe Max Flow allows users to have approximately 2,000 puffs of 6.0ml of 5% nicotine. This is a great disposable for those long car rides or when hanging out at home on the couch. These will definitely last much longer than most other disposable that we have in our inventory.

Viigo Disposables - Strawberry Lychee

#5 – Viigo Disposables – Strawberry Lychee

Viigo Strawberry Lychee comes in the final spot of the Top 5. Viigo Strawberry Lychee was absent for a little while towards the end of last year, but they made a huge comeback and looks like the will be staying for awhile. The Viigo Brand is known to help adult smokers quit combustible cigarettes and switch to vaping. The small thin design is liked by many people that do not want the larger devices but also want the feeling of vaping. The Viigos are sold in a pack of 3 with approximately 500 puffs per device with 2.0ml at 5% nicotine. The majority of consumers that try a Viigo don’t stray from the brand.

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